Audio and Video Solutions


We develop innovative and advanced core technologies related to video and audio systems.

Audio and Video Solutions elevate home entertainment. We develop innovative core technologies and services for the U.S. digital media market.

Our research focuses on topics that include:

Establishing R&D and standard activities for advanced technologies for UHD HDR TV to secure ultimate video qualities and functionalities.

Developing leading-edge sound reproduction technologies for audio products and TVs with a focus on loudspeaker-room interaction using state-of-the-art measurements and scientifically controlled listening tests.

Researching and developing software for Samsung Smart TV products and services in two major areas: (a) TV Platform, in collaboration with partners to deliver content to Samsung Smart TVs and (b) Data Intelligence, ingesting and analyzing TV usage data using machine learning technologies to create better TV watching experience.

Working on Industry Trends Analysis and Product Deployment and Verification for the U.S. market




We work on projects ranging from data mining to video enhancement for large screen TVs.

Our team members hold Ph.D.s and Master's degrees and have diverse educational and professional backgrounds in: machine learning, natural language processing and data mining, video processing, computer vision and audio transducer/system design. 

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Research Head

Richard Park

Richard Park and his team are responsible for the development of innovative core technologies and services for Samsung TV in the U.S. Richard has extensive engineering experience in convergence, home networking, and new service development. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Seoul National University.

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