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We're creating the future of mobile.

We're passionate about revolutionizing digital healthcare and commerce in the U.S. We invent and commercialize the world’s leading consumer and enterprise services for mobile, wearable, and IoT. 

Our team is the U.S. branch of the Samsung Global Health Services business. This service business is led by the Samsung Mobile global software CTO. We have product management, UX, user research, data scientists, and software engineering co-located to create the future of wellness and clinical care using user-centric design thinking and agile designer-developer workflow. Beyond the creative culture and daily excitement within the team, we are one of very few places in hi-tech or consumer electronics with real world experience in how to balance hardware production with agile software and services production processes. 

We are also the UX team for Samsung Pay in the U.S. We are constantly fine-tuning our user journeys and inventing new ways to engage mobile and wearable device users in their payment and contextual commerce needs. We are co-located with the local product managers and engineers.

We function like a startup within a large global company. Our days are filled with multi-disciplinary teamwork, constant learning, creative challenges and the full range of product development activities. We launch new versions of our services often and manage a services roadmap that is reflective of our own teams’ high ambition to change the world for the better. We move quickly to develop and refine new strategic concepts and then work with the rest of the global company to commercialize our inventions. Our team is fortunate to be both at the forefront on user-centric service innovation and have direct ownership into what gets into the hands of consumers.

Our mission: 

  • Create services that complement the broad range of Samsung devices plus all other devices that a U.S. consumer would want to use
  • Strategically assimilate emerging technologies and consumer trends
  • Create and launch the next generation of products and services that enrich people's health and wellness 

Our current focus areas:

  • Chronic Disease Management and Wellness/Preventive Health services for the United States (we help take our best ideas world-wide as well!)
  • US market UX and User Research Team for Samsung Pay and Rewards
  • We are always on the lookout for talented high-performance people who want to ship products often with the following talents:
  • UX design (if you enjoy service design, mobile apps, wearable apps, and ideally want to practice both visual and interaction design then contact us)
  • User Research (our work here is never done and we sometimes will have global projects)
  • Full stack software engineering (not just Android, but that would be nice to have as well)
  • Product Managers (for the future Samsung Health)


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665 Clyde Avenue
Mountain View, CA 94043


We are a diverse, multi-disciplinary team.

Our team members have a wide range of backgrounds including design, research, engineering and business.  


meng chee web

Research Head

Meng Chee

Meng Chee and his team are at the forefront of understanding emerging technologies, trends in the market and forecasting users' needs.
Meng has nearly 20 years of experience with mobile, services, software and design, with prior innovation leadership experience at Nokia, Frog Design and Solomio Corp.

Meng holds a BS in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas, Austin and a M.S. in Software Systems Engineering from Boston University.
In addition, Meng holds two Executive Education degrees, one in General Management from the University of Texas, Austin, and one in Design Thinking from Stanford University.

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