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A diverse workforce and an inclusive culture is essential to continued innovation and creating products of the future.

As a research subsidiary of Samsung Global, we value and celebrate our current diverse workforce. It is embedded in all we do, and every employee plays a part. We embrace and value differences — whether race, ethnicity, gender, age, military status, religion, sexual orientation, or views — we are committed to building an inclusive culture.

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" We have a collaborative environment where voices are heard and that is why I love working at SRA."

Anna Almejo

Intern Program Manager


Anna Almejo

Human Resources

Archana Aggarwal

Samsung Pay

Anil Yadav


Sarah Tapia

Human Resources

Mohana Rao

Mobile Communications

Xiaoyang Liu

Mobile Communications

Haihui Guan

Mobile Communications

"I love working for SRA because I enjoy the energy and passion the interns bring to campus.”
"I love that I am encouraged to try new things and be innovative and that Samsung genuinely cares about their employees and shows it."
“I feel I am making a positive contribution to a company that makes a difference in the world. "
"At SRA, we are in an environment where there is continuous innovation of products and technology, and every employee is in a position to make an impact in their role for one of the largest brands in the world."
"I love working at SRA because my work enhances the lives of millions of users. Each interaction I implement, each line of code I create, speaks directly with real people all around the world."
"As an engineer, you can experience a variety of technology, participate in plenty of different exciting projects in a short amount of time."
"My managers encourage me to grow and welcome my feedback and ideas. I am always treated as an important member of the team."

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