Research Topics

Digital Biomarker & Prognosis

Extract meaningful biometrics from bio-sensors using clinically explainable AI/ML to measure and monitor health. Develop digital biomarkers at scale, for the use of health diagnosis, therapeutics, and clinical decisions support.

Health R&D Platform

Enable fast launching of clinical trials and research studies with our cloud-based HIPAA-compliant and SOC2-certified health R&D platform.

Open Research Tools & Software Framework

To collaborate with developers, providers, health researchers, and users, we provide an all-in-one toolset of APIs, modularized designs, data acquisition, and portal to create, run, manage, and analyze health data across the Android ecosystem.

Health Service PoC

Design and pilot health service proof of concepts (PoCs) that are clinically meaningful and integrated into healthcare workflows using our novel, evidence-based digital biomarkers and co-innovating with providers and researchers.

Healthcare Solutions

We specialize in developing Samsung’s upcoming software-based medical devices and health services, including product definition and strategy, partner integrations, UI/UX design, usability research, clinical validation, regulatory submissions, and software development/lifecycle. Millions of Samsung users’ lives have been touched by our products, including the Samsung HeartWise cardiac rehabilitation app and the Samsung ECG monitor app.