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We offer our internship opportunities all year round in many different areas and locations.

Enhance your academic goals and gain hands-on experience in an engaging and fast-paced environment and learn the skills you need to thrive. Launch your career by working alongside the best and brightest to revolutionize technology that impacts the world.



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Push the envelope each day to extend the capabilities of technology. Are you up for the challenge?


Put inquiry and theory into practice. Share the motivation to seek innovative solutions to the world’s toughest challenges.


Design, prototype and build technology-fueled innovations that bridge the gap between what's next and what's best. 

We Offer a Number of Perks and Benefits to Our Interns

Health Benefits

Interns working 30 hours or more per week

Summer Outings and Commuter Benefits

Access to bike, carpool and bus programs

Relocation Assistance

No matter which part of the world you are, we invite you to join us and will assist you in transitioning smoothly to the new work and living environment -- based upon eligibility

Samsung Gift

Upon completion of summer internship

Yinghua Yang

Mobile Communications

Teng Wang

Smart Systems

Raviteja Kondubhatla


Ramprasaath Selvaraju

Data Intelligence, Machine Learning

Vaden Masrani

Think Tank Team

Anna Almejo

Human Resources

Daniel Blandford

Mobile Platform & Solutions, Knox Team

"I love the people, the company culture, the dog-friendly campus, the food, and the Korean classes here. Everyone is so supportive, friendly, and open-minded."
"SRA offers me the unique opportunity to meet excellent researchers, to brainstorm innovative ideas and to produce solid projects."
"I love that SRA has a pet-friendly environment."
"SRA provides an opportunity for interns to work on cutting-edge research that would help build AI systems that are transparent and unbiased."
"My summer internship gave me a unique opportunity to collaborate with researchers from a wide variety of backgrounds. The interdisciplinary team is passionate about pushing forward the frontiers of science and technology, and it has been a pleasure and a joy learning from the many brilliant minds that make up SRA.”
"I love working for SRA because I enjoy the energy and passion the interns bring to campus.”
"It has always been my dream to develop technology like Samsung Dex."

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Diversity and Inclusion

As a research subsidiary of Samsung Global, we value and celebrate our current diverse workforce. SRA completely supports the representation of fairness and protection to all, regardless of gender, race, religion, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

SRA strives to provide an environment that integrates individuals of all demographics into one workplace, which will allow even more progress towards increasing diversity and attracting and retaining talent.

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