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Excitation Stimuli For Simultaneous Deconvolution of Room Responses


This paper compares three state-of-the-art stimuli (multitone-pink, MLS, and log-sweep) for the deconvolution of several loudspeaker-room impulse responses using a single time-domain measurement after exciting all the loudspeakers simultaneously. A Bayesian hyper-parameter optimization algorithm constructs the stimulus, where the algorithm optimizes the stimuli parameters by minimizing a {\em time-domain error} between the actual impulse responses and the simultaneously deconvolved responses over a training dataset. Objective results are presented for the various stimuli on a test dataset, whereas subjective tests compare the preference to the excitation stimuli played on all the loudspeakers. Additionally, the robustness of the constructed stimuli to various noises at different signal-to-noise ratios (SNR) is compared in the context of simultaneous deconvolution.

Author: Sunil Bharitkar, Ema Souza Blanes, Pascal Brunet

Published: Audio engineering society convention (AES)

Date: Oct 25, 2023