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Instance Contour Adjustment via Structure-driven CNN


Instance contour adjustment is desirable in image editing, which allows the contour of an instance in a photo to be either dilated or eroded via user sketching. This imposes several requirements for a favorable method in order to generate meaningful textures while preserving clear user-desired contours. Due to the ignorance of these requirements, the off-the-shelf image editing methods herein are unsuited. Therefore, we propose a specialized two-stage method. The first stage extracts the structural cues from the input image, and completes the missing structural cues for the adjusted area. The second stage is a structure-driven CNN which generates image textures following the guidance of the completed structural cues. In the structure-driven CNN, we redesign the context sampling strategy of the convolution operation and attention mechanism such that they can estimate and rank the relevance of the contexts based on the structural cues, and sample the top-ranked contexts regardless of their distribution on the image plane. Thus, the meaningfulness of image textures with clear and user-desired contours are guaranteed by the structure-driven CNN. In addition, our method does not require any semantic label as input, which thus ensures its well generalization capability. We evaluate our method against several baselines adapted from the related tasks, and the experimental results demonstrate its effectiveness.

Author: Yi Wei

Published: European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV)

Date: Jul 31, 2022